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I have over forty years of experience with computers; have worked in the industrial world as a Fortran programmer and have taught math, physics and computer science at the College/University level.

I'm a former Buckeye (retired from Ohio State) who now lives/works in Englewood, Florida.

In your search for knowledge and understanding, remember this:
"the answer to the question is NO unless you ask".

PC - handy Andy (aka hAndy) is free to travel.  

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Links I maintain

All Rentals: Englewood Rentals Englewood, FL

Weekly Rentals: Boardwalk Condos  Englewood Beach, FL  

Cat's 'n Dogs: Critter Cottage  Englewood, FL  

 Himalayan Kittens: Crittertales  Englewood, FL

Teaching youth to sail
Englewood Sailing Association, Inc. Englewood, FL

<  Note: I relinquished control in 2013 after 7 years  >

Real Estate Agent Jan Lee  Englewood, FL

2 Young Architects Inc. Tarpon Springs, FL

Snake Oil Bandits
Doctor "G" and the gang
Englewood's Sensational Family Rock Band!
< Historical Significance Only >
Note:  Band was forced to end its career when 2 members went off to college.
It was a great time for family and friends while it lasted!


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