History of Englewood Sailing Association

The Englewood Sailing Association is a spin-off from the Lemon Bay Rag Haulers, a sailing and social organization, founded in 1990.  The Rag Haulers started a very successful Youth Sailing Program in the Spring of 2002.  In cooperation with the Englewood YMCA, thirty-four volunteers worked with nineteen youngsters in a four week program.  The program included boating safety and hands on sailing.  On completion of the program, it was obvious that it had provided a very positive experience for the youth and that it deserved continuance and expansion.  It was decided by the membership of the Rag Haulers that the demands of such a program were beyond the scope of their organization.   It was decided that the program should be sponsored by a non-profit corporation.   The Englewood Sailing Association, Inc. was then formed for the purpose of providing sailing instructions for the youth of Englewood.

Sailing is a very personal sport that puts the individual in direct contact with the multiple forces of nature.  Character reinforcement and oneness with nature are attributes that can be gained from sailing, and once gained, are never forgotten.  For the volunteers involved there is the satisfaction of giving something back to the sport that we love, as well as giving something back to our community.