The Englewood Junior Sailing Program is a YMCA program provided by the Englewood Sailing Association, Inc. and co-sponsored by Englewood Community Hospital.  The objective of the program is to give the youth of our community an opportunity to learn more about the wonderful aquatic resources of Lemon Bay by learning how to sail.  The skills learned and the respect for the environment gained through this program will be with them for the rest of their lives.  An all-volunteer staff provides the program.  The boats and other equipment are provided by the generosity of community spirited businesses and individuals.  The program exemplifies community sprit and volunteerism to the highest degree. 

Our fleet of Walker Bay Boats on the first day of the Fall 2002 Junior Sailing program.  Twenty one Englewood area youths were enrolled in this Fall's Junior sailing program.


Knot Tying

Got it !

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We are sailing !

Us too!

The Sailors Creed

All of the winds that ever blew
into all of the sails that were ever made,
from the beginning of civilization to the present day,
left no mark upon the earth,
no slick of oil, no smells, no noise,
no trace of any kind,
they blew, they filled a sail,
they pushed a boat,

But -- after they had done their work,
the Earth remained the same!

Englewood Fire - Rescue Boat putting on demonstration for sailors.
Junior Sailors from Fall 2002 program.