Vrijheid (Freedom)

One Class Design
 5.40 M from a Netherlands design

SOLD - to the son of the builder !!!
This boat was built by Geurt C. Peet when he was 78.
He started building boats at age 16.
Commissioned her in 1998.
I purchased her in 2002 and sailed her infrequently.
Just purchased ! Details !
Swing CB Full sails
Beautiful wood working Frames
Begin layout Ready for decking
New bottom paint Almost ready
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Peet Andy & Bill

See these boats in action:
Link #1

Link #2

Note: These boats are newer and have fixed keels
Peet was built for SWFL and has a swing-keel.
These boats are rigged for racing. Mine is rigged as a daysailer.
She is a delight to sail and moves nicely through the water.

This next link is a translated copy of current site for (Vrijheid Klasse Organization)

Link #3

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